Saturday, February 22, 2014

Merab Abramishvili

Merab abramishvili was born on march 16, 1957 in Tbilisi. From the very beginning he was "doomed" to communicate with art. His father, Guram Abramishvili, a brilliant expert of medieval Georgian art and the cheif of the treasury of the Museum of Fine Arts of Georgia, naturally surrounded Merab with the atmosphere which determined the field of interests for the future artist. Georgian and oriental pieces of art exhibited in the halls of the Museum, be it Qajarian portraints, ispahanian carpets or miniatures as well as the annual expeditions with father to the Sion church in the Ateni village created a kind of cultural memory which later, at a mature age, was formed as the basic visual and semantic unity of merab abramishvili'sart. The artist's mother, Natela Gharibashvili, recollects: "Merab was an avid reader as a child and very found of drawing. He was naively dreaming of leaving for Africa and used to say : 'ifthere is place on the earth that looks like the paradise then it is Africa" . These words involuntarily remind one the sandy color of vast African deserts and savannas, the coloration so very characteristis to his painting.

last Supper. 1990. Tempera on playwwod. 40 x 60

300 Aragvian warrios. 1987, tempera on playwood. 150 x 150
 Merab Abramishvili died in 2006. His works are notable for the mulitilayerness of transvagard art and the original interpretation if image motives from the richest archive of historic epochs. However, the idea of his paintings always remains within the limits of humanity and the image harmonization. Abramishvili has created artistic world where harmony and balance reign. He has reached the concordance among :the ideas,the order and the expressions thereof" - the concordance that generates the beauty of Merab Abramishvili's world.


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